New Social Security Suspension Scam

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New Social Security Suspension Scam

Post by Rajneet » Thu Feb 06, 2020 9:13 pm

I believe we all have received scam calls in order to extract money from us. The most popular scams have been the IRS calling you to seize your property. We have had many clients call our office in a panic that they are about to lose their assets because the person on the scam call threatened to seize their vehicle or property within the next few hours. We have had to calm our clients and explain how the IRS works, the resolution process, and how to avoid scam calls.

Recently, there is new scam call stating the Social Security Administration (SSA) is going to suspend your Social Security Number. Can the Social Security Number ever be suspended? It is our form of identification in the United States.

The IRS and SSA has requested that the clients should be reminded of the following before you become prey of the scam:

1. SSA numbers can never be frozen, blocked or suspended.
2. Please do not give your social security number out over the phone to just anyone calling to verify it. If the scammer is calling you regarding your SSN being suspended, they should also know your SSN.
3. The IRS and SSA would like taxpayers to know that both the agencies would never send police to arrest them or send the police to their house.
4. The IRS and SSA will never ask you to wire them money, send them gift cards, or pay cash.

Please do not become prey to this new scam. If you are unsure, please call the SSA department and IRS to verify before you send any money to any of those agencies.

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